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Trouble truck and disconnect/re connects.

New meter installation.

Primary and secondary underground fault locating.

Depreciated Pole replacement.

Utility Pole Make Ready work to bring poles to present ESA standards for new telecommunication installations.

Overhead and Underground Transformer replacement.


For any overhead powerline that has been rebuilt whether for a voltage conversion, road widening projects or depreciated poles we install the new conductor above or beside the existing energized overhead line using live line tension stringing techniques. This is safely accomplished by;

1. Installing small spider ropes through each pole on traveler blocks by hand or with a small tractor, up to 2000m. Grounds are installed at every fifth and the first and last poles.

2. On stringing day a hydraulic tension machine is set up at each end, sometimes alongside a large reel trailer with an equipotential zone set up using grounding matts and a double fence, one to protect workers and one to protect the public in the case of an accidental contact.

3. We first attach a large pulling rope from one hydraulic tension machine to the small spider rope, use the small rope to pull the larger one in.

4. Next the large pull rope is attached to the new conductor on the other hydraulic tension machine, once a running ground is attached that bleeds off induction the wire pull begins.

5. Once the wire is installed and dead ended at each, the process is repeated for all conductors being installed.

6. Lastly the new wire is sagged and clipped into insulators.


Truck and trailer mounted cable pulling equipment to install and remove Primary/Secondary Copper, Aluminum and Lead cables.

Confined space work in manholes and vaults.

Lead and XLPE cable splicing and terminations.

Experience in network systems.

High voltage switching and all staff trained in the Utility Work Protection Code(UWPC).

Depreciated cable rebuild projects.

Underground transformer replacements.

New subdivision cable installation, termination and energization.

overhead distribution projects

Hyline completes a variety of large overhead projects for our customers installing wood, concrete, fibreglass and steel poles from 35 to 80’ and conductor from #4-795, projects include.

• Road widening projects, building new overhead powerlines, transfer customers and tear down old line’s to make room for road widening, bike lanes, bus rapid transit etc.

• Rebuild and voltage conversion, Rebuild powerlines in one large project replacing poles, wire, transformers and often converting to a higher distribution voltage.

• Right of way, difficult access rebuilds and new installations using Hyline’s fleet of 4×4, 6×6 and track equipment.


Installing automated overhead and underground switches.

Working with Protection and Control Technicians to energize and put into operation.

Performing maintenance and inspections on automated switches.


Insulated Mini digger to set backyard poles adjacent to live primary, our mini digger’s also have buckets that can be used to rubber glove up to 15kv and hot stick up to 44kv.

Work in cohesion with the utility and customer to access property and complete work with minimal disturbance and minimize power interruptions.

Rescue and emergency plans completed daily.

Where access does not allow we have equipment to set poles and transformers using capstan hoist’s and rope blocks.

Ability to string new overhead conductor’s through backyards.

Experienced in backyard overhead to underground conversion projects.


Utility repair from storm damage.


Installing and maintaining wood pole structures and towers.

Performing live line work using hot stick methods.

Stringing new conductors.

Replacing conductors on old circuits.


Turning problems or ideas into completed projects! From beginning to end, we’ll engineer the job, source materials and build the project making it easy and stress free for our clients no matter the build.

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